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Daily Literature Recognition is here to recognize the literary community here on deviantART. We yearn for good literature and we thrive on your words.

By showcasing one featured Daily Deviation per day the Literature Community Volunteers provide the community with a showcase of excellence in Literature. In contrast, we will be showcasing excellence with a series of literature pieces each day here to serve the community. We are a diverse group featuring several pieces of quality literature every day.

In such a large community many artists feel that their work goes unnoticed. We are here to help change that!

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Daily Lit Recognition for September 1st, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
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Featured by: AyeAye12

PinesThe pines bend over
Dark against a satin sky
Old and wind-twisted
Weary of winter
of going on
They stretch in a sweet spring sun
Stretch, straighten, and start over
pale new needles poke
out of paper-crisp wrappings
tender and soft
having never seen a winter

Pines by The-Story-Spinner

Simplicity brings out the finest
description of nature in this poem.

Featured by: Medoriko

post mortem.Some days,
we grow old:
our memories
packed away;
little love letters,
dated and sealed,
a correspondence
of youth,
on the roadside,
with the fag-ends
and drifting crisp-packets
of the fast lane.

post mortem. by 91816119

Growing old is an inevitable process,
one that most people don't want to think about.
This poem is a smooth breech to the subject.


Featured by: Naktarra
Suggested by: chasingcloudbursts

train problems and solutionsProblem one.
You're nowhere near your room.
Problem two.
The girl next to you is incessant in her chatter of 'Oh my god, so like-'.
You quickly drown this out, and fish around the various objects in your purse for your headphones, hoping that you didn't leave them on your desk this morning.
You feel an urge to roll your eyes and sink further into your seat in the corner, forcing enough control on yourself to not slap her silly.
You were cranky.
Problem three.
You're pretty sure that guy in the corner was staring at you a moment ago. To make matters worse, it was through your reflection on the window next to you.
This became horribly apparent when you saw him repeating the motions when you reached the beginning of the tunnel, the sound of your music being drowned out by the noise of the train.
You picture yourself shooing him away, finding the glances all too uncomfortable.
A little creepy too.
Problem four.
There were no other problems, but you were hoping t

train problems and solutions by Entitaria

This humorous story is well-written and
relatable. The sarcastic tone makes it enjoyable
to read, while the interesting structure allows the
character to shine and lets the reader see into their mind.

Suggested by: MagicalJoey
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Creepypasta: Nightmare of NightmaresEvery night when Wendy tucked her daughter Chrissy into bed, Chrissy would beg for her mother to check under the bed for monsters. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be so unusual, but Chrissy was almost twelve years old now. She hoped she wouldn’t have to take her daughter to counseling to sort this out. But tonight Chrissy didn’t make her usual pleaded request.
“Don’t you want me to check for the monsters, Chrissy?” she asked, praying her daughter would answer in the negative.
“I know that the monsters under my bed won’t hurt me tonight, mom” Chrissy said.
Wendy was elated. At last her daughter had learned not to fear what lurked at the corners of her mind. It was then, as Wendy bent over her daughter to kiss her goodnight that she heard a creak from behind her and her daughter spoke again.
“They’re too afraid of that new monster in the closet.”

Creepypasta: Nightmare of Nightmares by ShackleSoul

This short prose piece will do one
of two things: make you listen to children
more often about their fears...and never
sleep with the closet light off again.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

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