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Daily Literature Recognition is here to recognize the literary community here on deviantART. We yearn for good literature and we thrive on your words.

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Daily Lit Recognition for June 26th, 2015

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

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Suggested by: doodlerTM

Featured by: chromeantennae

Graffiti RitualsThere are so many things I’ve withheld from you.  By all rights I should have a cacophony spilling from jugular.
And it’s more than just words, yes.  It’s more than syllables and sentences and diction.  
It’s more than insubstantial imagination.
It’s memories of nicotine and railroad tracks, his knuckles slackening in my grasp.
Guitar-strings at my hip and fingernails in my back.
He crooned of sweetness, but remembrance was rendered tasteless. Regret and vomit
pressed betwixt the pages. These phrases
recited in subconscious ritual,
as if it will save you,
perhaps grant you a bit of peace.
Remember when you scrawled Oscar Wilde across a wall already sullied with graffiti? No one understood, no one even cared. But I watched you, writing in immaculate cursive next to neon slang words and thought why even bother?

Graffiti Rituals by EmaciatedandEpitaphs

Suggester says: The last few words of this poem really stuck with me. A great existential piece.

Featured by AyeAye12

panegyric for heliosthe sun died
in the early hours of morning
in its sleep
burned out in
everythinning spaceshape glory
we held a funeral service
7:13am on the ninth of october
when the light should have let its fingers
grasp hold of the horizon
pulled itself upwards
begun to peer over
a vision in goldstatic overexposure
we touched that celestial body gone dark
carpet of mourning whispered hands brush a star
soft cerulean eulogy sung stark
by shaking wrists
fumbling in the black
over the remnants
of a sin too big for burial
the vast harmonics of a creek
too thin, ethereal
the parable requiem of a sun
too dim to see
at all

panegyric for helios by scheherazades


As in typical Tori-style, a plethora of (un)conventions that would come off as messy in the hands of less-talented poets is made into a poignant, beautiful piece of poetry.


Featured by doodlerTM

Love letters from the MarinerI returned home once the war was done, after four years of smoke, mud and enough glimpses of intestines to last me a lifetime.  I was lucky to find most town left the same, from the boats in the harbour to the Widow Goodwin still in her mourning black, but appearing as young as lively as ever.  
Until I could arrange payment for a home of my own from my soldier's salary, I was staying with my sister, her husband and their three young children.  Maureen had been lucky; Thomas lost his leg as an infant and was exempt from service.  Though I had made it back from the south, many of our comrades were still scattered in pieces in the fields.
"I find it difficult to believe she hasn't remarried since I've left," I said over dinner, regarding Widow Goodwin's house from the kitchen window.  It was one of the nicest of the shore homes.
"She's certainly had her share of suitors," Maureen sighed, nursing the youngest baby at the kitchen table.  The other two were ups

Love letters from the Mariner by laurotica

This well-written ghost story is brimming with suspense and romance.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: doodlerTM

Skin by SimplySilent

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siedhr Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
It's an honor and a joy to be featured. Thank you very much!
Shaudawn Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
With much gratitude and humility, thank you for the feature and the kind write-up.  It really is an honor.  Thank you.  :D :earth:
analillithbar Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:faint: :iconthanksfeatureplz:

Sorry for the delayed response, life is a wi-fi-less adventure. ;)
cristinewakesuphappy Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
thank you for the feature on may 11 however i can't view it. whenever i go there it gives me a blank page. please help. because i'm excited to see it. :wave:
Dysprosium162 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
Thanks so much for featuring my first Tanka :) it really means a lot :) Heart 
winter-of-hearts Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
Thank you ever so much for featuring my story! I am truly grateful.

I have several more stories, which remain unpublished. One of them should appear on DA over the next few days.

Most of my work at the moment is in relation to a fantasy novel (or a collection of stories!) that my friend Soranea and I are writing together. We call it The-Golden-Heart and we hope to submit some art and text in relation to this, very soon!

Once again, thank you <3

Kay-March Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
This is so unexpected and certainly one of the most beautiful happy surprises for myself. Thank you so very much.
I'll try my best to be more active and supportive whenever I find the time.
DailyLitRecognition Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
Happy to hear that!
Kay-March Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
Meanwhile, have anice time.
Shaudawn Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for featuring my little poem. :D
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